Tel Aviv Highlights Walking Tour

Tel Aviv is dubbed “the city that never sleeps.” It’s always moving. There’s always something going on. But there are also many things that stay the same – the historical buildings of Old Jaffa, the beautiful sea, the vibrant Carmel Market, and the Bauhaus buildings in the city center. On this private walking tour of Tel Aviv, we’ll visit the highlights of the city and get a taste of its past, present, and future. This is a great overview tour for visitors to Tel Aviv.

Highlights of the tour

Old Jaffa

Today, Jaffa and Tel Aviv are the same city. But in the past, they were two separate cities. Jewish people who settled in the Arab city of Jaffa eventually left the city to establish Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city in the Land of Israel. Today, Jaffa is a charming place with an impressive flea market and art galleries. We’ll visit the main sites of Old Jaffa, enjoy a splendid view of Tel Aviv, and learn the importance of this place in both Biblical and modern times.  

Tel Aviv view from Old Jaffa

Rothschild Boulevard

Rothschild Boulevard is the heart of Tel Aviv and was one of its first streets. Until today, Rothschild Boulevard is the center of the city – with popular restaurants, shops, banks, and institutions aligning it. We’ll walk on the Independence Trail to learn about the establishment of the State of Israel and the history of Tel Aviv and absorb a bit of the city’s vibes.

Carmel Market

The Carmel Market is definitely a highlight for foodies. It is the most popular market in Tel Aviv, with stalls selling clothes, souvenirs, and… food! We’ll walk through the market to experience its atmosphere and maybe stop to taste some things (if you’ll be hungry).

Suggested itinerary

  • Meet at Jaffa Clocktower.
  • Visit Old Jaffa.
  • Walk through Florentin neighborhood.
  • Explore the sites along and around Rothschild Boulevard.
  • Go to the Carmel Market.
  • End with a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The tour is fully customizable. So, please let me know what places you want to see and what you want to do!

I might change the itinerary based on the weather or other circumstances, to make sure you have a safe and good time.

Tour details

Meeting point: We can meet at Jaffa Clocktower or your hotel. We’ll walk or take a bus from there to the first point of the tour.

How long does it take? Private Tel Aviv Highlights walking tours typically take about 3 to 5 hours, depending on your pace and interests. But it’s flexible.

When does the tour start? You’re the boss. Tell me when you want to start the tour and I’ll be there on time. I recommend starting the tour early in the morning, so we won’t get caught in the heat of the afternoon.

What do you need to bring? I’ll send you a list before the tour starts, but in general, it’s recommended to bring good walking, a hat, sunglasses, drinking water, and sunscreen.

How much does it cost? The tour price is 1,200 shekels (about 300 USD) for up to 6 people. This covers my preparation for the tour as well as the guiding itself. If you would like to visit sites with entry fees, it will be extra.

More about me

I’m Lior and I’ll be your guide on this tour. I love Israel and have completed my tour guiding course in 2019. While I live in Jerusalem, that doesn’t mean I don’t know Tel Aviv, I visit Tel Aviv very often and love the special vibe of the city. On this private tour, I hope I’ll be able to share my knowledge and love to Israel with you! Read more about me here.

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