Virtual Tours of Israel

If you have always dreamt of visiting Israel, but for some reason cannot do it – we’ve got a solution! We believe anyone should be able to visit Israel, even if it is virtually. Our virtual tours are private tours because we want you to feel free to ask questions. Join us on one of our virtual tours of Israel and explore the beautiful places from home.

How does it work?

Our virtual tours of Israel are private, which means you can choose whatever you want to be guided about. Just tell us in advance. After filling in the query form below, we will contact you and settle on all the little details. Then, we will schedule a private virtual tour on Zoom or any other software you prefer and will meet you there for your tour!

Here are some of the subjects which we can cover on your private virtual tour of Israel:

Old City Jerusalem Tour. Book a virtual tour of Israel

Old City Jerusalem Tour

We’ll tell you about the main sites of Jerusalem’s Old City and guide you through the most interesting stories. The Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Temple Mount, and the Armenian Quarter are just some of the places we can “take” you.

Masada tour. Book a virtual tour of Israel

Masada Tour

We’ll take you to the top of Masada, the impressive fortress built by King Herod not far from the Dead Sea. We’ll talk about the rebels who lived here, about the amazing architecture and about the Jewish-Roman war.

Israeli food habits. Book a virtual tour of Israel

Israeli Food Habits

Learn about Israeli food habits. Understand what it means to eat Kosher and get some local recipes for Israeli meals you can make at home.

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