Jerusalem New City Walking Tours

There’s more to Jerusalem than its Old City. To experience Jerusalem from all aspects, we recommend you take a Jerusalem New City walking tour.

Until the 1860s, the people of Jerusalem all lived within the Old City walls. Starting from 1860, more and more neighborhoods were established outside the city walls. These neighborhoods slowly became what we refer to today as the New City of Jerusalem. When exploring the New City, you can learn about the stories of the first settlers outside the city walls and hear about their challenges. You can also stop by the Machane Yehuda Market, one of the most popular marketplaces in Israel, where you can taste some local food.

Here are some of our most popular Jerusalem New City walking tours. All tours can be adjusted to your interests and timetable:

Machane Yehuda Market. Book a tour with Israel Walking Tours

Market and Surroundings

Take a tour of the Machane Yehuda Market and its surroundings. Walk through the beautiful and quiet streets of the Nachlaot neighborhood, which is today one of the top neighborhoods for students, and later explore the streets of the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood right next to the market.

Optional additions: Food tastings

*Estimated time: 2 hours

*Estimated walking distance: 2.5 km

*Price: Starting from 180 USD per group of up to 10 people (for guidance only)

Mishkenot Sha'ananim. Book a tour with Israel Walking Tours

From the First Neighborhood to the Market

If you would like to hear the story of the New City from its very beginning – this tour is for you! We’ll start at Mishkenot Sha’ananim, the first Jewish neighborhood outside the city walls, and make our way to Machane Yehuda Market. On the way, we will see some interesting and beautiful historical sites, including the YMCA, the Russian Compound and the Italian Hospital.

Optional additions: An Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood, food tastings in the market

*Estimated time: 3-4 hours

*Estimated walking distance: 4 km

*Price: Starting from 220 USD per group of up to 10 people (for guidance only)

Hansen House. Book a tour with Israel Walking Tours

Talbiya & The Hansen House

Take this off the beaten tour to Hansen House and its surroundings. Until the 1980s, Hansen House was a warm home for people who suffered from the Hansen disease. Today, it is a center for design, media & technology. We’ll tour the compound and also visit the neighboring neighborhood of Talbiya, which has some beautiful mansions and interesting stories to tell.

*Estimated time: 2 hours

*Estimated walking distance: 3 km

*Price: Starting from 180 USD per group of up to 10 people (for guidance only)

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