Amazing Virtual Tours of Israel

Even if you can’t travel outside and can’t get on a plane, you can always travel from your phone or laptop. Many virtual tours have been created following the Coronavirus epidemic. There are many that exist for Israel, too. So make a cup of tea and make sure you’re sitting comfortably, because we’ve gathered a few of the most amazing virtual tours of Israel.

A Virtual Tour of the Israel Museum

The Israel Museum is the largest and most important cultural institution in Israel. Inside you will find the world’s most varied collections of archeology of the Holy Land. There is also a wide exhibition about Jewish Art and Life.

The museum offers a variety of virtual tours. You can either watch fascinating videos about some of its greatest exhibitions or go on a self-guided tour throughout the museum. All you need to do is enter the official website of the Israel Museum and start exploring!

Virtual tours in the Israel Museum
Screenshot from the Israel Museum’s website

A Virtual Tour of Tower of David

Tower of David museum lies within the Tower of David fortress, which stands next to Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. This fortress stands of ancient ruins from the time of King Herod, about 2,000 years ago. Today it is more than just a fortress. It is also one of the best museums in Jerusalem.

The Tower of David Museum has created one of the most beautiful virtual tours we’ve seen. Enter the Tower of David website and start exploring the different parts of the fortress. Make sure to use the feature that lets you see 360 degrees around you.

A Virtual Tour of Friends of Zion Museum

The Friends of Zion Museum is a privately-owned visitors center. It tells the story of the non-Jewish aid to the Jewish people and the Zionist movement. The focus here is on the Christian Zionists, who contributed to the State of Israel.

In this beautiful virtual tour, move around the different spaces of the museum and watch the different videos. All you need to do is enter the official site of Friends of Zion Museum and choose your preferred language. The tour is accompanied by audio.

Virtual tours in the Friends of Zion Museum
Screenshot from Friends of Zion Museum virtual tour

A Virtual Tour of Tel Aviv Art Museum

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is one of the most important art institutions in Israel. It focuses on modern art, but also showcases artworks from the 16th to 19th century. There is also a whole department focused on Israeli artists.

The virtual tour of the museum gives you an option to walk around the museum’s different exhibitions and read about what you see. Enter the virtual tour by entering the official site of the Tel Aviv Art Museum.

Virtual tours in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Screenshot of one of the virtual tours in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Private Virtual Tours of Israel

We are offering private virtual tours of Israel. Enjoy a virtual lecture about various sites in Israel. Our virtual tours are led by professional and certified tour guides. Besides talking about sites, we can also talk about various subjects connected to Israel, such as food habits and Shabbat. The fact that the virtual tours are private also makes it easier for you to ask questions.

For more information, check out our virtual tours of Israel.

Our virtual tours in action

A Virtual Tour of the Israel National Trail

If you love the outdoors and love hiking, you should try the virtual tour of the Israel National Trail. The Israel National Trail is the longest hiking trail in Israel, spreading across about 1,000 kilometers. It begins in the northern settlement of Dan and ends in the southernmost city of Eilat.

This tour was created by Google Street View. All you need to do is enter Google Maps and click on the little yellow man. Then, place the little yellow man on the blue route that appears on the map and start “hiking”.

Virtual tour of the Israel National Trail
The view from Google Street View’s Israel National Trail

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