Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Tel Aviv

If you’ve watched the weather forecast recently, you might have seen that there was a lot of rain in Tel Aviv during the past month. It literally drowned in the rain! If you’ll be in Tel Aviv when there are floods, which is a very unlikely event, then I would advise you to stay in your hotel or hostel or Airbnb and wait for things to calm down. But if it’s just raining and you’re looking for things to do instead of getting wet – here are some things to do on a rainy day in Tel Aviv:

Visit one of Tel Aviv’s great museums:

Tel Aviv is one of the most cultural cities in Israel and you’ll find plenty of museums to visit. No matter what interests you, you will probably find a museum suitable for you in Tel Aviv.

If you’re interested in art, you can visit the Tel Aviv Art Museum, which is full of outstanding artworks from different centuries and different parts of the world. The museum also has a huge wing dedicated completely to Israeli artists, which is worth seeing. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 10AM to 6PM, Tuesday and Thursday from 10 AM to 9PM and Friday from 10AM to 2PM. The museum is closed on Sundays. Check out more info – the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

But if you’re more interested in the Jewish history, you can make your way to the Diaspora Museum, also known as The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot. Whether you’re Jewish or not – this museum is very fascinating and tells you all you ever wanted to know about the roots of the Jewish people, their traditions, their faith and their culture. The museum is open Sunday to Wednesday from 10AM to 5PM, Thursday from 10AM to 10PM, Friday from 9AM to 2PM and Saturday from 10AM to 3PM. Check out more info – The Diaspora Museum.

More on the museum in this video by the Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv:

For those of you who love history and politics, I recommend checking out the Yitzhak Rabin Center. Yitzhak Rabin was the fifth prime minister of Israel and was assassinated by a Jewish right-wing extremist following the signing of the Oslo II Agreements. In this interesting center you can follow the life of Yitzhak Rabin, who was also part of the Palmach, an elite force of the Jewish settlement in the time of the British mandate. His life takes the visitor through the story of the State of Israel, how it evolved throughout time. The Yitzhak Rabin Center is open Sunday, Monday and Wednesday from 9AM to 5PM and Tuesday and Thursday from 9AM to 7PM. Check out more info – Yitzhak Rabin Center.

There are many other museums to explore, but those, in my opinion, are the leading ones in Tel Aviv.

Warm up in Sarona Market:

This indoor market is situated right next to the Old Templar Neighborhood, which was restored and turned into a small shopping center. Inside the Sarona Market you will find top notch restaurants and many types of food which you can buy and taste. It’s a good place to hide from the rain for a while. If it’ll rain during lunchtime – it’ll be great!

A great video by Israel:

Shop at one of Tel Aviv’s top shopping centers:

There are three main shopping centers in Tel Aviv – The Azrieli Mall, the TLV Fashion Mall and the Dizengoff Center.

The Azrieli Mall (at Derech Menachem Begin 132) is three floors tall and includes dozens of shops and restaurants. If it’s rainy but not foggy, you might want to go up to the 49th floor of the building, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Tel Aviv from the indoor viewing platform. It costs quite a lot to go up there, so be sure that it’s not too cloudy.

Dizengoff Center (at Dizengoff Street 50) is one of the favorites among locals. It has hundreds of shops, which are spread over five floors and two interconnected buildings. If it will happen to rain on Thursday or Friday, you will be able to find a world food market inside the B building of the center and enjoy some homemade food.

The TLV Fashion Mall (at HaHashmonaim Street 96) is the newest mall in Tel Aviv and is where you will find lots of international chain stores and luxury stores which you won’t find anywhere else in Tel Aviv. Also, the mall sometimes accommodates entertaining events like parties, concerts and food markets, so it’s worth checking the schedule in advance.

Watch a theatre performance at HaBima Theatre:

HaBima Theatre is the national theatre of Israel and is located in the center of Tel Aviv. The theatre was originally founded in 1913 in Moscow and was one of the first theatres to have performances in the modern Hebrew language. In 1928, the theatre moved to Tel Aviv after its establishers were persecuted in Russia, but it was only in 1945 that the theatre settled in its current location at the end of the Rothschild Boulevard.   

Most of the performances are in Hebrew, but you can ask if English translation can be provided. Even if it cannot be translated to English, you can purchase a ticket and enjoy a fascinating experience of watching a theatre show without understanding the actors. It’s a good option for a rainy evening.

A list of the upcoming productions can be seen in this link, but since it’s in Hebrew it might be easier for you to purchase a ticket and get more information through the phone +972-(0)3-6295555 or through the email

Stop for a cup of great coffee:

Israelis laugh and say that the Tel Avivians are always sitting in the coffee shops and cafes, because they are always full of people. Drinking coffee is part of the Israeli culture, so if it’s raining – and even if it isn’t – you should definitely try sitting down at one of the coffee shops to taste the coffee. There are plenty of options in Tel Aviv, so just choose the one which looks best to you.  

Try your luck at an Escape Room:

The Escape Room trend is very popular in Israel, so you’ll find an Escape Room almost everywhere. In Tel Aviv alone you will find dozens of them! The Escape Rooms are suitable for different levels and different interests. So, if you’re looking for a cool activity away from the rain, an Escape Room is a perfect option. Check out the list of Tel Aviv’s Escape Rooms here.

Another Option – Get Out of Tel Aviv:

When it rains in Tel Aviv, other places might be dry. If you’re watching the forecast and seeing that there’s going to be heavy rain in Tel Aviv exactly when you plan to be there, try changing your plans and visiting some other place on that day. Contact me if you need a private guide in Israel.

Article written by Lior Connelly – Israeli tour guide.

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