Top Places to Tour by Foot in Israel

Israel is a small country, only about 420 km long and 115 km wide. Its cities are also quite small. Tel Aviv, for instance, is just about 50 square kilometers. For comparison, New York is about 780 square kilometers! So… In most cities in Israel, it’s quite easy to walk around. If you like to walk around – which places are best to tour by foot in Israel? Here’s my list:

The Old City of Jerusalem

Although there are some roads for cars inside the Old City of Jerusalem, but to get to the famous landmarks and the lesser known sites you will have to walk along the many alleyways of the Old City. Keep your eyes out for the beautiful archways, that can be seen here and there, and if you’re looking for somewhere less crowded to stroll around, try making your way to the Armenian Quarter.

You can easily spend a whole day in the Old City of Jerusalem.

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Florentine Neighborhood in Tel Aviv

The Florentine neighborhood in Tel Aviv is a beautiful place to walk around mainly because of the wonderful graffiti works, that decorate almost every wall of the neighborhood. If you’re a street art lover as well as a walker, you’ll definately love Florentine!

You can easily spend here around two hours.

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Old Jaffa

Old Jaffa is the old part of Tel Aviv. So forget about the modern streets and never ending stream of cars and bikes, because in Old Jaffa you’re going to stroll around quiet, narrow and winding alleys. On the way, you can enjoy wonderful views of the new city from the Gan HaPisga Hill, which is situated in the heart of Old Jaffa.

You can easily spend here around 3 hours.

Old City of Akko

Not many have enough time to fully appreciate Akko (Acre), one of the most ancient cities in Israel, which was a major port city before Haifa built its port on the other side of the bay. If you like old and beautiful alleyways, you’ll find plenty in Akko! You’ll also be able to walk on a part of the Old City walls.

You can easily spend a whole day in the Old City of Akko.

Old Akko (Acre)

Hope you’ll enjoy your time in Israel!

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