Jerusalem in the Footsteps of Jesus | Mini Tour

Jerusalem is one of the most important places for Christians around the world. It is where Jesus died on the cross, was resurrected, and ascended to the Heavens. On this mini walking tour, you’ll learn more about the story of Jesus in Jerusalem. It’s a fascinating tour for anyone interested in Christianity!

We’ll meet at Lions’ Gate and continue to the foot of Mount of Olives. There, we will visit the Church of Gethsemane and the Grotto of Gethsemane, both connected to Jesus’ last day before he was put on the cross. We’ll see some of the most ancient olive trees in Israel, and talk about the night when Jesus was arrested.

From there, we will retrace our steps to Lions’ Gate and start walking the Via Dolorosa. Also known as “The Way of Sorrows”, this is, according to tradition, the way that Jesus took to the place where he was put on the cross. We’ll stop at a number of stops along the way and end at the front courtyard of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

At the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, we will talk about the church’s history, the different denominations that run it, and of course, visit the important sites. We’ll see the Golgotha, on which according to tradition Jesus was crucified, and also see the Stone of Anointment and the empty tomb.

Why join a mini tour?

Israel Walking Tour’s mini tour is a great opportunity to tour fascinating places with a professional guide AND in a small group! On my mini tours, you won’t feel crowded with tons of other people in the group. That’s because there will be only up to 6 participants on each tour. This is a perfect option for solo travelers or couples who want to explore Jerusalem with a guide but don’t have the budget for a completely private tour.


* Certified Israeli tour guide.

Personal expenses are not included.

More to know

* Meeting point: Lions’ Gate.

* Please come in modest clothes for the holy places. That means pants that cover the knees, and shirts with sleeves. Whoever will not come in appropriate clothing, will not be able to enter the churches.

* The tour will take about 3 hours.

* Expect to walk about 2.5 km on this walking tour.

* Please bring comfortable walking shoes, enough water for the tour, a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

* Please note: This tour does not include the top of Mount of Olives. If you want to enjoy the view from the top of the mountain, I recommend coming there before the tour and descending from there down to Lions’ Gate for the tour. Take into account that climbing down the mountain and getting to Lions’ Gate takes about 20-30 minutes.

About me

I’m Lior and I’ll be your guide on this tour. I’m Jewish, but love to talk about other religions, especially Christianity. I walk around the Old City very often, know the Via Dolorosa by heart, and am always happy to hear new ideas and questions.

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Prefer a private tour?

You can check out my private walking tour of Christian Jerusalem or contact me at with your tour request. I’ll be happy to guide you privately!